The story behind

Advanced Creative Services
Hi! Nice seeing you here, my name is Gauthier Weyns and I am the owner of ACS.

As with most photographers, a creative spark was already present since a young age. During my childhood, I wore out many smaller types of cameras taking pictures of all kinds of things from my everyday life.

I started with photos but soon I also discovered the medium of video. During my high school career, I was able to fully indulge in the subject of Aesthetics in which I could further explore and develop both mediums.

As life went on, I ended up with my main profession in the logistics sector, specifically in air cargo. However, the creative itch kept haunting me through the years. 

In 2018, I decided to no longer suppress my creative spirit and so 'Advanced Creative Services' was founded. 
ACS has been my secondary profession ever since.

I already had a keen creative eye. I just needed to invest in quality equipment and so I did. This has allowed me to deliver quality end products according to the client's requirements. You can find out what I can do for you on the services page.

If you are interested or have specific questions, you can send me a message through the contact page 
and I will answer you as soon as possible.
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